Establishing Productive Relationships With Your Food Suppliers
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Establishing Productive Relationships With Your Food Suppliers

When you run a restaurant or cafe, there are lots of moving parts you need to keep track of, and your food suppliers, in particular, can be a critical part of your success. This blog is designed to help you have more productive relationships with your food suppliers. There will be posts on choosing the right food suppliers, managing your inventory, communicating with your suppliers, finding ways to save and more. While your staff, your location and your menu are all important, you cannot do anything without the right food suppliers. Whether you need Italian cookies, olive oil or million of other food stuffs, this blog should help you make it all easier.


Productive Relationships With Your Food Suppliers

2 Tips for Those Putting Together Christmas Hampers for Local Hospices

Brad Mitchelle

If you're about to put together a few dozen Christmas hampers for your local hospices, here is some advice to follow.

1. Use wholesale Christmas crackers

No Christmas hamper would be complete without one or two Christmas crackers. However, if you're creating dozens of hampers, putting a couple of crackers in each one could leave you with less money for the food that you want to order for these baskets. One way to ensure you don't overspend on this element of the hampers is to use wholesale Christmas crackers. These could be a half or even a third of the price of the crackers you would find for sale in a shop but will be just as high-quality. This will then enable you to add much more luxurious treats alongside these items.

If the hampers are small in size but you want to pack them with as many things as possible, you should ensure the crackers you order from the local wholesale goods supplier are filled not with the usual nice-but-unimpressive trinkets that most people don't keep, but instead with some delicious festive snacks, as this will mean that every part of the hamper contains something that the hospice residents will enjoy.

2. Ensure you pick food that the hospice residents can consume

When your food supplier asks you which food items you want for the crackers and the rest of the hampers, you should ensure you pick items that hospice residents will be able to consume. For example, because many terminally-ill people are too weak to chew very much, or may have trouble swallowing, you should order mostly soft foods, such as festive-coloured marshmallows, fairy floss and nougat (which will melt in the person's mouth and be very easy to swallow), rather than flavoured nuts, crisps or Christmas pudding. If you want to put some chocolate into each hamper, try to choose boxes of chocolates that feature caramel and whipped mousse fillings, as most of the residents should be able to consume these softer fillings.

Additionally, you might want to give them some Christmas-themed lollipops, as whilst they might not be able to bite into these, they can still enjoy the flavour of them. Items such as jams, chutneys and soft cheeses (like brie and gorgonzola) might also be suitable, but you may want to avoid including crackers unless the hospice staff tell you their residents can eat these.