Establishing Productive Relationships With Your Food Suppliers
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Establishing Productive Relationships With Your Food Suppliers

When you run a restaurant or cafe, there are lots of moving parts you need to keep track of, and your food suppliers, in particular, can be a critical part of your success. This blog is designed to help you have more productive relationships with your food suppliers. There will be posts on choosing the right food suppliers, managing your inventory, communicating with your suppliers, finding ways to save and more. While your staff, your location and your menu are all important, you cannot do anything without the right food suppliers. Whether you need Italian cookies, olive oil or million of other food stuffs, this blog should help you make it all easier.


Productive Relationships With Your Food Suppliers

Why Buy Fill-Your-Own Christmas Crackers For Your Aged Care Home?

Brad Mitchelle

Christmas dinner may be one of the highlights of the year for your home's residents. You'll want to make this meal special for them, and extra touches like giving everyone a cracker makes a difference.

While you might have purchased regular crackers in the past, why not consider using fill-your-own-crackers this year? These come ready-made but don't have contents in them yet — you fill them before you give them out. Why do this?

Make Sure Cracker Contents Are Appropriate

Your residents are all adults; however, some Christmas cracker gifts and favours pose problems for some older people who may have senility problems. For example, small favours may not always be safe in the wrong hands. A colourful toy or favour may look like a sweet. A mini-tool or nail file could hurt someone if they aren't careful how they use it.

In addition, some older people with dementia may be startled by loud and sudden noises. It may upset them to pull a cracker and hear the snap go off.

If you buy fill-your-own crackers, then you don't have to worry about any health and safety risks with the contents. You can always take snaps out of crackers for those residents who would prefer a silent pull.

Give Your Residents Customised Crackers

While Christmas crackers are fun, your residents may not be that interested in standard gifts and favours. They may be past the point of enjoying novelty gifts; practical favours may be no use to them.

You can make things a lot more fun for your residents if you customise the contents of your crackers. For example, you could buy crackers with nameplates on them so you can put a personal message on for each resident — this may also deter residents with sticky fingers from nicking other people's crackers.

You can also put in personal jokes and mottos for each resident. Finally, you can add an appropriate cracker gift. So, for example, if one of your residents has a sweet tooth, you can put in a few of their favourite lollies; if you have some avid bingo players, then you could give them each a new dabber.

If you're working on a budget, then you could cut your unit costs by buying wholesale Christmas crackers in bulk. If you buy more than you need, you can always store some for next year. To find out more, contact Christmas cracker suppliers like Party Temptation.